• Standard Specifications For Water And Sewer Systems

    Casper, Wyoming, is growing fast, which impacts water and sewer systems. The city of Casper is poised to continue to grow in the near future, and having a long-term plan in place for designing water and sewer systems is important.

    In Edge Engineering Group, the city of Casper has one of the best project management teams who design, build and maintain water systems so that citizens don't face any trouble. The project management team consists of experts with years of experience creating and managing water systems.

    Members of the project management in Casper WY team follow standard specifications for designing water systems and make sure they set an example by implementing those standard specifications for water systems.

    The standard specifications for water and sewer systems include:

    1. A list of approved materials and equipment for building water systems.
    2. Requirements for building and testing these water systems.
    3. Ensuring standard specifications for water systems in Casper WY follow national standards and best management practices.
    4. The few references for following standard specifications include ANSI and AWWA - American Water Works Association.
    5. The intention of having standard specifications for water systems by our project management team is to have a fair deal between all engineering firms deployed.
    6. To maintain industry standards and have continuous improvement, the standard specifications are revised and updated periodically with a collaborative effort of local contractors.
    7. Sanitary sewer system requirements include materials that are high quality, affordable, and last for a long period of time.
    8. Mechanical tools, drilling equipment and other important tools are necessary for building water systems.
    9. Our project management team provides technical management, comprehensive planning and sound engineering to expand and maintain sewer collection and conveyance systems for service to residential, commercial, and industrial customers in the city of Casper in a safe and environmentally friendly manner.
    Mar 08, 2017
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