• Sewer Collection System In Casper

    A sewer is an underground drainage conduit for carrying off drainage water and waste matter. The sewer system in Casper, Wyoming, carries wastewater from the source of generation to a final disposal point. The water system included in the site plan development also includes collection and treatment facilities. It helps in the overall maintenance of the water system.

    Carrying off drainage water can get complicated. The sewer water collection system includes everything except the sewer plant that treats the waste water. The site plan development of Casper shows that almost all the sewage going through lines, pump stations and manholes find its way to the sewer plant.

    However, municipality of Casper plays a major role because it maintains the water collection system from the time sewage leaves and enters the main line.

    There are three types of sewer systems present in Casper that are made specifically for carrying off drainage water:

    1. Sanitary water system - This kind of water system handles all wastewater generated by people that are in residential, commercial and industrial areas. In order to be eradicated, this wastewater flows to the sewage treatment plant where the water is treated prior to discharge. Most of the city’s industrial sites have their own treatment plants. They do not use the municipal treatment water collection system.

    2. The storm water system of Casper - This sewer system in Casper carries only rain and snow water. The city of Casper has catch basins on the side of the road to collect and store it. Then this water is carried to the discharge point. This water does not require treatment before discharge. This line that passes through the city is normally referred to as a storm line. It is also called the storm water drain and is especially useful during heavy downpours. This line helps save water.

    3. A combination of the water system and sewer system - This is a combination of sanitary and storm systems. These old systems still exist in the city of Casper, but they are being phased out. However, this water flows to a treatment plant prior to discharge unlike the other sewer systems. It used to be in the old site plan development of municipality in Casper.

    Sewer mains are used for carrying sanitary sewage from lateral lines toward the treatment plant. There are two types of sewer mains used in the city:

    1. Force main water system
    2. Gravity main water system

    A force main line is the one which is pumped under pressure and it carries sewage uphill. This force main line often starts from a lift station and is used to pump the sewage to a higher level.
    Apr 14, 2017
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