• [Project Goals] Site plan development in Casper, WY: Protect the quality of life


    A site plan refers to any detailed engineering drawing that a builder or contractor uses to create improvements to a given lot. It usually shows several elements including clean sewer lines, drainage facilities, and lighting. A site development becomes sustainable when the environment, social well-being, and economy of the present and future are put into play.

    Site plans are often made by a design consultant who should be either a licensed engineer or a land surveyor. Edge Engineering offers the best engineers in Casper, WY. They offer construction management in Casper, WY for several projects including gas collection, water system, and regional landfill.

    Sustainable Site Planning

    Sustainable development can cover a wide range of fields including environment, technology, and economy. Hence, it's difficult to narrow down its scope to only environmental protection. The term "sustainable development" refers to the well-being of the environment, economy, and society for the present and future.

    A site plan tries to meet the client's project goals while having the least environment effects. A design is only sustainable if it offers positive financial effects as well. The typical process of sustainable site planning only involves the architect but ideally, the engineer should also be part of the preliminary and final designs.

    So, what makes a sustainable site plan? First, select a site responsibly. Limit your development of habitat for extinct species, floodplains, and wetlands. Choose previously developed sites and encourage the use of public transportation.

    The building orientation should be modified to achieve maximum efficiency. Reduce impervious surfaces and site disturbances. Manage stormwater and make the landscape water efficient and active.

    sustainable site planning

    Strategies To Plan And Design A Sustainable Site

    Sustainable site planning and designs aid in re-linking the people of Casper with nature and blend ecological science with any development. A site plan development in Casper, WY isn't difficult to image because it can be achieved by designing landscapes with these strategies.

    Know What's On The Site

    Learn what's on the site which includes the water, plants, and habitat. It's only this way that you can build sensitively on a property.

    Choose The Right Building Design

    Search for a site that will meet the program needs of your building. Make sure that the building architecture fits on the site. This will help keep the site's natural resources and reduce negative effects from erosion and grading.

    Address Water Issues

    Design a site that manages water properly. Water problems like poor water quality, improper drainage, and scarcity should be addressed properly. You can try treating rainwater or catching and storing rainwater for reuse.

    Keep The Natural Landscape

    If there are trees and plants on a site, retain them as much as possible. The plants and trees will help conserve energy.

    Choose The Right Plants

    You can plant species of plants that are growing extinct in the natural environment. Also, try native plants and edible plants.

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    Feb 19, 2018
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