• [Install Or Replace] A water system in Casper, WY


    The city of Casper is growing rapidly which affects water systems. The said city is expected to keep growing in the future so it's important that you have a plan in place. Install a new water system or replace your old one, this is the decision that you have to make.

    Edge Engineering provides project management in Casper, WY. They can do a variety of water replacement and upgrades as well as water tank rehab. They can also install or replace transmission lines, distribution lines, water fill station, booster stations, and operational pressure valves.

    Water Softening

    The city of Casper buys water from the Central Wyoming Regional Water System. The sources of water are groundwater and surface water. The water in the city is hard, with hardness levels that extends between 11.7 grains per gallon to 17.5 grains per gallon.

    As you already know, hard water is difficult to work with. It can create health problems due to the presence of contaminants. Some potential sources of contaminants include erosion of natural deposits, animal fecal waste, and fertilizer runoff.

    If you think that softening your water won't create much of an effect in your daily life, then you're wrong. There are actually many benefits when using softer water and here are some of them:

    Easier to lather and rinse off clothes
    Better drinking water
    Better health
    Less pipe clogging

    water tank rehabilitation

    Well And Water Tank Rehabilitation

    As groundwater may contain sediments and other harmful contaminants, well rehabilitation is regularly needed during the life of a well. Gravel pack, formations, and screens may be clogged, minimizing the well's capacity and efficiency. A water tank, on the other hand, needs rehabilitation both inside and outside through new paint.

    Edge Engineering is one of the leaders in well and water tank rehabilitation in Casper, WY. They provide a full diagnostic and rehabilitation services for current wells and pumps. Their trained and experienced personnel will do numerous good rehabilitation techniques.

    Water Service Upgrades In Casper, WY

    As you already know, many homes of today are still built with outdated piping systems that can cause some serious risks to your home. At the very least, focus on the two main pipes that lead to the water meter and the water main. You should remove any obsolete lead pipes and get an upgrade to a modern plumbing system to make sure that you drink only clean water.

    When you drink water with lead, you get the risk of getting kidney problems and high blood pressure. It's more likely that your home uses lead pipes if it's built before 1986. If you know that your home uses an outdated lead pipe, upgrade to a modern, safer copper pipe.

    You drink, cook, and bathe in your home's water supply- must not it be clean? Edge Engineering has 17 years of experience in water treatment in Casper, WY. If you like to hire their services, call 307-797-1224 today!
    Feb 13, 2018
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