Engineers Casper WY

Jason Knopp is the Principal and Senior Engineer with 17 years of experience as a project manager, design engineer, construction engineer and surveyor. Jason graduated from the University of Wyoming in 2002 with a structural engineering degree, however, is currently practicing as a licensed civil engineer.

Jason worked for Great West Engineering in Helena, MT out of college and worked for them for seven years. While working with Great West he managed projects including roadways, community Capital Improvement Plans, feasibility studies, smaller bridges, underpasses, stream restoration, storm water design, sewer lagoon treatments with land applications, various water line projects, and several pedestrian safety projects.

Moved to Casper, WY in 2009 working for the City of Casper as an associate engineer, and was shortly promoted to City Engineer. While with the city, he worked on various projects with all the facilities the city owned, operated, and managed. Participation of each project ranged from doing the full design, managing a design team, construction management, or construction inspection.