• [6 Key Factors] That Project Management Should Focus

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    Construction management needs the skills and experience of a traditional project manager to make a construction project successful. An ideal construction project manager must have a great knowledge and experience in handling diverse teams and meet different objectives. Here are six key factors that project management must pay close attention.

    A Good Plan

    The PDCA (Plan, Do, Check, Act) management method is essential to accomplishing project quality. The whole project plan should include a plan for how the team will keep the quality standards until the project ends. You should create a roadmap for all involved in the project, which includes cost, schedule, and scope.

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    Proper Communication

    A common problem in project management is miscommunication because it can lead to conflict. Even if you have laid out a good project plan, your project is still bound to fail without proper communication with team members and stakeholders. Edge Engineering has good communication skills that motivate results, innovations, and expectations in their construction management in Casper, WY.

    Manage Stakeholders

    The first step in managing the stakeholders is to identify them. Stakeholders are those who have an interest, influence, or is impacted by the implementation or results of the project. They could be your customers, government, and the people living near the construction project.

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    To manage stakeholders, engage with them. Analyse their issues and tell them about everything they need to know. You may focus on the most significant stakeholders first, and the less vital ones later. Remember, projects are sometimes bound to change any moment so review your communication plan to ensure that you keep communicating with the most influential stakeholders effectively.

    Good Measurement

    Before the start of the project, it's important to determine the key results of the project and how you'll measure them. Make sure that you use both qualitative and quantitative methods in measuring the progress at all levels of the project. This guarantees the early detection of problems and implementation of successful strategies throughout the project.

    Regular Review

    A good measurement isn't enough. You need to constantly review the progress of your project according to the schedule, budget and other quality factors. This will determine whether you're still in line with the goals and objectives of the project plan.

    Constant review lets you detect issues early so that you can implement a better strategy moving forward. It also helps your team members to learn and enhance their skills.

    Fast Action

    Measurement and review are essential, but they're only effective if you take a fast action on the problems detected. Procrastinating can only lead to disaster. The first thing that project managers should address is the simple problems. You can work on more complex problems later.

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    May 28, 2018
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